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Origin Series

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The best things in life come in threes! The Origin 3-pack is our best selling Non-Dome mouth calls that offer callers everything they need to mimic a extensive range of elk vocalizations.

  • SINGLE LADY: The Single Lady delivers unbelievable realistic Cow Elk sounds. This call produces incredibly sweet and smooth Cow and Calf sounds. It is a must have for any elk hunter. 
  • BLACK ICE: This mouth call was designed for advanced callers wanting ultimate tonal range & superior acoustic realism. It too sits on a large frame non dome chassis making it slightly more difficult to run vs a domed style call. This call is truly world class. 
  • STRATUM: The Stratum mouth call produces remarkable Bull & Cow sounds. This bad boy sits on a large frame non dome chassis making it slightly more difficult to run vs a domed style call. With a little practice the sounds this call produces will literally blow you away. 
WarningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm: Prop 65

Non-domed chassis for more advanced callers

Professional Grade Size

Combo Pack Consisting of Black Ice, Stratum and Single Lady

Durable Tape

"If you are looking to elevate your elk vocalizations & step up your calling aptitude, the Origin combo pack is a must for you. Although these styles of calls are considered more advanced to run, the tonal representation & realism you get out of them is next level!"

Beau Brooks--World Elk Calling Champion

Elk Vocalizations


The Full Spectrum of Elk Sounds

Mouth Call

Frame Style

OG Non Domed

Elk Footprint


Tastes Like Elk

Tonal Range

Calling Hacks

Origin Series Sound File

The Full Spectrum of Elk Sounds

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Anatomy of a Diaphram Call

What's your calling style?

Mouth Call Selector

Use the chart below to select the correct mouth call based on your calling style and needs. Hunt Riven™



Bugling, Chuckling and Screams

Low, Medium and High



Bull Sounds, Cow and Calf Vocalizations

Low to Medium



Cow and Calf Cries

Low and High



Cow and Calf Cries. Estrus “Whines” or “Cries”

Superior Tonal Range



Bull, Cow and Calf Vocalizations

Low, Medium and High



Bugling, Chuckling and Screams. Cow & Calf Sounds

Low, Medium and High

Mouth Call Care

When it comes to mouth calls, their life span is known to be short, but they can have the ability to last with proper care. The key is how you take care of them. There are multiple ways to care for your mouth call. We recommend the following tactics to help prolong the life of your calls.

  • Keep them out of the Sun
  • Store in refrigerator, especially in the off-season.
  • Avoid areas with high exposure to heat such as glove box or center console
  • Utilize multiple calls to disperse stress

    UV rays might be one of the harshest elements when it comes to a mouth calls lifespan. Exposing your mouth call to UV can vaporize the latex and cause it to break down 10x faster than normal wear and tear. We recommend you DO NOT store your mouth calls in areas such as:
  • On the dash of the truck
  • On a table or windowsill
  • Any areas with high exposure to heat